Thursday, November 10, 2005


Saw this on another blog and thought I'd copy. Here's the have to describe yourself with each letter of the alphabet.

A-Animal Lover
B-Beautiful (that probably sounds *boastful* but I do feel like i'm a beautiful person most of the time, sometimes on the outside, mostly on the inside)
C-Creative, Chocoholic
E-East...specifically "down east" is where I long to be and miss the most
F-Fluffy (i prefer to use this word instead of
H-Helter Skelter (according to my friend, Joann, and she's known me almost literally forever so I have to believe her)
I-Intelligent, intrigued
J-Jamie, my new hubbie
K-Kissing, one of the best things ever
O-Obstetrician (If time were erased by about 10 years, I would become this as a profession)
P-Passionate, Poet
R-Research, I really like to KNOW and study and educate myself on stuff in general. Ignorance bothers me greatly.
S-Sarah LOVE LOVE LOVE this name and should I ever have a daughter, this is the name she will get....oh, and Scrapbooking...another thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE
U-Ultrasound that I have to get to check my, all is well
V-Volleyball, play it once a week with the girls everything about it - drinking it, swimming in it, just the entire nature of it - so calm and peaceful one moment and a complete fury the next - kinda like me!
X-Xsquared is the symbol for reactance. And I sometimes tend to overreact...sometimes!
Y-Young, a year and a half away from the big 3-0
Z-zeolous, zest for life

and I've added the numbers as well
1-day left to deliver shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
2-two siblings - one sister, one brother
3-number of children I would like to have. Ultimately, 2 of our own and 1 adopted
4-married almost 4 months
5-months pregnant my sister is with her 3rd child
6-time I try to eat dinner
7-my favourite number
8-the hours of sleep I need to get or else I'm a wreck. What to do when I become a mom??!!!
9-number of years I've worked with current company
10-size I was when I lost weight and now I've gained it all back to a size 14


tara said...

OMG Myrna....I'd love to do all of these little 'blog activities' you do. They are so cool....i have learned so much about you over this blog! thanks so much for sharing!!!

Quirky Christa said...

That's neat, when I actually get a chance I might just copy this idea.