Monday, November 14, 2005

Little Bella Church Story

Isabella really likes Dora the Explorer.

Isabella is kinda loud and rough and "bad" in church.

Two weekends ago in church with our grandmother visiting, Isabella decided to be extra hyper. Never fails when my sister is trying to make an impression about having well behaved kids. Bella was up in arms, climbing up on the pew, down on the floor, up and down, up and down. She had to be taken out twice, once when she bumped her head on the thingy that's on the back of the pew to hold the hymn books. She also decided to "let fly" (throw) her stuffed bunny across the church. I wanted to laugh so hard. I couldn't believe how far she could throw!

I can just hear Granny now, "tsk these days, can't even be good in oh my what's the world coming to...?"

Yesterday Isabella was being so cute and quiet and nice in church. She was squiggling and wiggling a lot and putting her legs up on the seat and bumping the people in front of us every now and then but all in all she was quite "good" for her. So she's sitting there and scribbling frantically on a small piece of paper, making circles and big round scribbles round and round. And then she very matter-of-factly points and loudly states "Dowa!". Seriously, totally just 18 month-old scratches of ink across the church bulletin and to her it was "Dora". I giggle, her mom whispers, "Yes, Dora...shhhh!", the people behind say "Ah, so cute".

I was sitting between Jamie and Isabella. She still isn't sure about Jamie, looks at him all weird and stuff even though he totally loves her and tries to get her attention. He casually put his arm around me as he often does in church. She looks around me, gives him the "look" and proceeded to push his arm back from around my shoulder. Seems no one but her is allowed to be affectionate with Auntie Myrna.

I swear I missed at least half of the sermon because of paying attention to my niece rather than the Pastor.


tara said...

OMG...we should have a blog "Just for kid stories". Any bad day, just go to the blog and it will surely brighten your day! This story is so cute...and this is exactly why Jacques refuses to go to church now. A "Little Noah Church Story"...hmmm! Your sister is a BRAVE woman to take them to church!!! Tell her (from me) "may the force be with you/her"!!!

Quirky Christa said...

I love hearing these stories, Isabella is so sweet. I'm convinced I'm getting kids that are going to be a "hand full"

Michelle said...

I can hear Granny now!! I'm so glad that Tracey's children can be unruly too. Makes me feel so much better that Brendan isn't the only one. Of course Granny would have never mentioned this episode, so I think I'll ask her about it. I'm sure it was way too funny. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

dafrhug said...

I can just imagine. Just when you want to make a good impression is when your kids totally embarrass you. Mine always end up saying the wrong thing in the right place. lol. I can't imagine taking Caitlynn to church and expecting her to behave herself. She would have a hay day with all the attention she would get for being the little devil that she is. lol.