Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ladybug Picnic

My title is inspired by the gazillion ladybugs that have inhabited my apartment building. I used to think these little creatures were so cute. In cartoon form they certainly are. Sesame street even had a song, I love the song, still get it stuck in my head...

1, 2, 3...4, 5, 6...7, 8 ,9...10, 11, 12... and they all played games at the ladybugs picnic...They played jumprope but the rope it broke so they sat around playing knock knock jokes...the ladybugs 12 at the ladybugs picnic.
Anyone else remember that song?

But in real live form, I have come to despise these little biting creatures. Yes, they do bite!

We were always told to never kill a ladybug - bad luck or something. And we were told that the number of spots told the age of the days? years? not sure though I'm certain this spot counting thing must be a complete myth. We were also told that ladybugs were "good for the soil" in our veggie garden so it was better to keep them alive.

But lately I have become a ladybug killer. I have to do it with a shoe, can't stand the Crrrrrunch between my fingers....eeewww!!! Jamie and I have had two buzzing around in our bedroom this past week. Unbeknowst to Jamie of course who sleeps through everything. He usually awakens by the THUD..."What was that?" to which I answer "ladybug" and he says "Oh" and is immediately back to snoozing.

And on Tuesday during lunch a ladybug got in the SUV while Jenny and I were on lunch. It was crawling on the ceiling and we got all freaked out like the bunch of wussie girls that we are because we were certain it was going to fly into our hair. So we immediately trapped it inside a Tim Hortons bag. Then sealed the bag. Then felt bad about the ladybug flying around trapped inside the bag. But then we still threw the bag into the trash leading the little spotted insect to certain death.

In an effort to reset the balance, I have decided to educate myself a little more about these "pretty" little red and orangish spotty beetles. In case you're interested:

And for all kinds of cute ladybug cartoons:


dafrhug said...

I definetly remember the ladybug song. It's one of those that gets stuck in your head all day when you hear it.

I hate bugs of all sorts, crawling, flying, or spinning. I hate them all and I have no remose in killing them while I hyperventilate (yes I really am that scared). lol

Ickie said...

You know whats funny, i read your post and then I went on a smoke break. I sat down outside and a lady bug decided to pitch on my knee. I stood up and I saw like 5 ladybugs flying around me. I had to get out of there. I like the look of them but im afraid of bugs. SO I had to come back and post this since I didnt see any this year until after reading your post.

Ickie said...

And now im in my office and I guess one sneaked in because I just found another one crawling up my leg.

Quirky Christa said...

I love that song :) childhood memories.
Remember getting bitten at the BEE golf tournament by those little buggers?
It is true about the soil though, Kristen said they used to sell them at the garden centre they worked at...something like that anyway.

Ickie said...

I was told that the ladybugs with the brown backs and black spots are not from here. They were brought here to get rid of all the earwigs. Is this true?

myrna_weblog said...

I know that Ladybugs are often sold in garden shops because they eat aphids (little bugs that will destroy your plants). But as for earwigs, I dunno. I HATE those creepy things, they are easily the worse bug ever and I wish the ladybugs would eat them all!!