Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Any Day Now...

...my sister will be giving birth to her 3rd child. My mother arrives this morning from Newfoundland, flight should touch down at Pearson in about 15 minutes. My Nan is coming as well. Mom was really hoping that Tracey would be in labour last night or this morning so she could have optimal time to help my sister care for the baby and keep the other two under control. Alas, nothing yet. Erykah and Isabella were both overdue with labour lasting almost 2 days in total from first contractions to actual delivery!! We are hoping that this 3rd baby will decide to make a quicker entrance into the world. Will, of course, keep you posted.

I have some wonderful baby news to share from Vicki. First of all, I'll give you a little bit of background info. My good friend, Vicki. Her sister, Wendi, had a baby boy, Michael, in August 2005. Michael was about a month early and had complications so vast that I cannot even begin to describe them accurately. Michael had been sent from Newfoundland to Sick Kids hospital in Toronto where he had several surgeries, procedures, etc. and had stayed with his mom UNTIL last week when he finally got to GO HOME! It's so exciting, we've all been praying so very much for this time to come. Michael still has a long road ahead. Wendi, her husband, and family will need a lot of support during this adjustment, they will still need to bring Michael back and forth to doctors and specialists. I cannot even begin to imagine the stress but I am so happy for this miracle boy, I just had to share the progress.


dafrhug said...

I'm always so excited to hear about people having babies. It's such an exciting time and I love love love babies so much. I hope all go well and quickly for Tracey. I was in labour 5 hours with Caitlynn from beginning to end - I hope she has the same luck.

I am so glad Wendi got to bring Michael home. Michael had been in our thoughts since the day he came into the world. He's pretty lucky.

Quirky Christa said...

Many prayers have been answered with Michael...and hopefully many more. All the best to them.