Monday, March 06, 2006

All Together Good

...that's the theme for Pizza Delight which I had this weekend, Yummy!!!! Jamie and I decided to stop in there on the way home from visiting Mark and Kayla and baby Logan. So good! And baby Logan is just the cutest. It was awesome holding him and putting him to sleep and all that. So sweet. Kayla is doing well despite the fact that she has mastitis, a nasty painful boob infection, poor girl :( And Mark is also doing well, we found him in his favourite new position in the recliner with baby on his chest sleeping. he he. And they really have a lot of help with Kayla's sister staying with them and being a nurse and all. Jamie has been petrified about having kids after Mark coming to work this past week tired as heck. But Mark really reassured him during our visit that it was all very worth it. Thank goodness, cause Jamie would never has taken my word for it. And I tell ya, I'm havin' some serious baby fever ya know. I think I'm as "ready" as I'll ever be and we're really not getting any younger.

Speaking of babies, I got majorly puked on by one for the first time ever. After ALL THE TIME I've spent with Erykah and Isabella, they've never thrown up around me EVER. My sister says they've actually only ever thrown up one time each (very good for kids or so I hear). Anyways, we went to Vanessa's (Jamie's sister) to watch her kids on Sunday afternoon for an hour or so. Grayson was napping and when she got up she was all hot and flushed. When Vanessa got home she asked if I could hold Grayson while she gave her some childrens tylenol. So I did. And then she cried. And then she started coughing. And then the projectile sour-milk vomit. It was great. I thought Jamie was going to puke too. Oh the joys of children. Didn't I just say that I really wanted one?

And after rubbing my sweater "clean" with baby wipes we headed out to my sisters apartment. They've just moved down 2 floors to a 3-bedroom. Erykah and Isabella had shared a room in the old apartment but now Erykah will have her own bedroom. Grandma is coming from Newfoundland tomorrow (since my sister is due ANY DAY NOW) so I asked Erykah, "Your own room? Wow! So it's just going to you and Grandma sharing?" and she got all shy quiet and giggly, I can tell she's really excited. Grandma promised to help her paint her new room a light pink. And Isabella? She is just one funny little expressive character who talks constantly although you can't understand a word. (see Bella-isms). And my extremely pregnant HUGE-belly sister with slip-on shoes because they're the only ones she can actually put on was bundling them both up to go to Fortinos to shop for a shower curtain. Grocery store shopping very often turns into an interesting phone call story from my sis, as you can well imagine. As cruel as it may sound, I think I may now understand why my mom kept me on a leash...(yeah, I'm serious, she sometimes did! She tells me this funny story about me begging her to "I hode it" thus defeating the purpose.). ha ha!

Boy, I love those kids!


Quirky Christa said...

I love all your kid stories. Can't believe all this time and you just got puked on...I think babies KNOW I have a weak stomach!

Stephanie said...

When you`re ready for babies-you`re ready. It`s funny how you can go from not wanting them yet to really wanting them in a matter of months.

tara said...

Hee! hee! hee! PUKED on.... you know, it hasn't happend to me yet (knock on wood). OBVIOUSLY the poor little one wasn't feeling that well! Auntie Myrna you're my hero... not sure I could have remained calm the way you did! You deserve a wonderful family!