Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hello all....happy new year! It's been a while since I blogged. Busy with the holiday season...all the hussle and bussle of it all.

I'll have a lot to write to fill you in on the details. I'll spare you and just try to give you a brief overview.

Mom and Dad arrived on Dec 23rd. It was so good to spend Christmas with them. All of us kids are here in Brampton now so it seems easier for them to come here now rather than us all going back home. Of course, back home would be much better, probably more relaxing than the constant running around and shopping that we did, visiting, eating, shopping some more, eating some more. It all worked out great though....they spent a few nights at my house, a few nights at Tracey's and a night with Aunt Rowelle and Uncle Reg.

Of course, Mom and Dad spent Christmas Eve with the kids which is the most important thing. Christmas morning is really all about Erykah and Isabella now...who cares about us adults now, right? Christmas morning is always so much fun...Jamie and I spent the morning alone together which was really nice, first Christmas married and in our new house. We then went to visit Jamie's sister and her family. Taylor and Grayson really got a lot of stuff and I got some great pics of them too. Still need to download and share later. Afterwards Jamie and I came back home to greet the family (Mom, Dad, Darren, Tracey, Richard, the girls, and a straggler...family friend, Blaine...lol) to open more gifts and cook Christmas dinner. Wonderful! We are so spoiled! Yummy!!! Oh boy, did I eat a ton over the holidays!

So what did I get for Christmas? Spoiled as I said already:
Flat Iron to straighten my curly locks (my "big" gift from hubby)
Makeup brushes with natural hair bristles
Lots of scrapbook supplies
Clothes (some for Christmas morning and some shopping on boxing day...eeekk!)
Chocolates, of course, Christmas would not be complete without those
Narnia book set and other books
Pillow, one of the nice memory-foam ones to help me sleep better :)
Track suit (so comfy!)
Lounge/Pj pants with tank tops
2 Angel tree ornaments (my tree is all angels)
Misc....socks, makeup, hair products, gift cards.

Jamie got spoiled too with tons of tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, stud finder, ratchet set, etc.), a leather jacket from Moi, the biggest Toblerone bar in the whole wide world, t-shirts, Tim's coffee, etc.

Erykah and Isabella? Now what didn't they get? Erykah loves "Bratz" and got quite a few dolls and accessories and things, a Furby, she also got Chicken Limbo (a crazy kid limbo stick with a chicken that squawks and drives you nuts especially if you don't make it under the stick properly). Isabella got a new Dora and Elmo. They both got snowsuits and lots of new clothes.

The week flew by so quickly and before we knew it it was New years and the countdown was on at Christa's house. The 6 of us hung out and watched tv and the 1st American Pie movie (still funny!), we watched the Newfie countdown and then our own Ontario countdown, kissed and hugged, ate lots of food AGAIN! and then called it a night. New years always makes me think back (I guess everyone reminisces that way at the start of a new year)...so much to be thankful for. A year has passed with health and happiness, wonderful family and friends, great memories with Jamie and I getting married and moving into our new home. We are truly blessed!

I have so many pictures...I really HAVE to get them on my computer to share with you.

Mom and Dad are gone now. We'll really miss having them around. But they are very happy to be "Home Sweet Home" and I can't blame them. And it's life back to normal now and back to work. It sucks to come back but it's yet another thing I am very thankful for, even on the days I don't want to be here.

Hope you all had a very wonderful and safe holiday season. Looking forward to continuing this blog thing....and who knows what it's store for 2006!!

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