Friday, January 20, 2006

Who says you can't go home

...yup, definitely would prefer to be at home today. It's such a warm day here, going up to ab0ut 10 degrees celcius. And Jamie is at home today. Poor thing, legs are bothering him so much. He was born with crazy bone structure in his legs. The doctor says his legs are shaped like an "S". So, he has a tendency to have pain, mostly in his ankles and feet.

He is doing his absolute very best to "milk it" and being the bad wife that I am, I don't really give in very much at all.

He came home yesterday describing his appointment with the doctor.
"Do you want to know what the doctor said?", asked Jamie.
"Of course", I said.
So he proceeds to then explain the "S" shaped bones that can no longer be fixed in his adulthood, that his feet have actually formed to compensate fairly well, but that his knees have fluid, etc. He had to go for xrays and will await results in a couple of weeks.
And then he continues, "You know what else the doctor said?"
"and what is that?"
"Well he said that I really need to tell my wife to rub my feet a lot...and he said that I'm not allowed to rub them myself."
Ha! Ha!

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