Monday, September 11, 2006

We Remember

It's hard to believe this tragedy ever happened let alone that it was 5 years ago! I still remember hearing the news of the first plane hitting. We listened in disbelief, crowding around Ron's desk to watch CNN and theorizing about what happened - an accident perhaps? And then watching the second plane hit in horror - I will never forgot that image. How the families directly affected have gotten through this terrible loss is beyond me, I simply cannot even imagine. To the people who were there and watched with their own two eyes, to those families who lost friends and loved ones, to the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives, to the volunteers who searched for days on end to recover missing people and who now suffer from cancer and respiratory illnesses as a result, to all of those people, please know you are in all our thoughts and prayers today.

I saw this drawing online by Hannah Beach. The tower on the left is saying "Oh no! I can't take it any longer." while both are crying and holding hands. It really struck me as I'm sure it will you.

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Stephanie said...

It`s one of those tragedies that you can never forget and everyone will always remember exactly where they were at that moment.