Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do you have the sithers?

Thought it was funny so I put it as my title: "Sithers" Otherwise known as: the hubster asking me for the SCISSORS. lol...I'm such a fun-maker.

Remember back last September (yeah, who am I kidding, right? who can remember yesterday even?) when I wrote this and then this. Anyways, he came back in the office today. I didn't speak to him. He just came in to pick up a typewriter for repair and then was off again. But I was just so excited to see him. Totally made my day, believe it or not.

Know what also made my day? My midwife appointment. Wanna know why? Cause my hubby decided to go with me and we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time ever! It was so exciting. The midwife is doing her thing with the doppler and Jamie and I are just grinning at each other from either side of her. After having apprehensive moments lately about being in the stage of not really feeling or looking pregnant, it really was the most beautiful sound ever. But then my midwife kinda subtly gave me heck about my not so great picky-eating and the beautiful moment ended (however temporary, still messed up my joy in that moment...the joy has since returned).

And then despite having to work late, I have something else that totally made my day. Boy, I really did have a good day, didn't I? I walk in my house at like 6:15 and there's the hubster with the couch and love seat and cushions all pulled out in the middle of the living room and he's vacuuming like a madman. And then I go in the kitchen and supper (spaghetti and meat sauce) is COOKED and waiting for me. Yup, today I love my husband. Tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. lol :)


Quirky Christa said...

Sounds like you did have a great day! Very exciting about the heartbeat.

Ickie said...

Great stories about the typewriter man, I never read those before. And very nice of Jamie to cook you supper.

dafrhug said...

Isn't hearing the heartbeat just the most beautiful sound in the world? It kinda makes the pregnancy a reality that someone is really in there. lol. Congratulations.