Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Virgin Blogger

I have never "blogged" before, had never even heard of blogging until 2 days ago when Tara forwarded me an email to check hers out. Just have to give it a try. I've always loved journaling, have never known a time in my life when I didn't write everything down. It started with a yellow 3 x 5 "lock & key" diary (you know the kind) when I was just a little girl first learning how to print and spell and keep secrets. Now my writing has escalated into a shelf full of journals:

My Poetry Journal - haven't written much poetry lately, I've not been angry enough. Seems my darkest thoughts and feelings are most easily expressed in the form of a sonnet in iambic pentameter. Very therapeutic - go figure!

My Travel Journal - You would think that I must have traveled a great deal to have a journal specifically designated for that purpose. I have not, I just like to keep a record of my daily activities when I am away. So far I have visited Portugal, Cuba, the U.S. I hope to extend this a great deal more in future.

My Wedding Journal - Since becoming engaged (Oct 29, 2004) I have too many ideas/thoughts running through my brain. I felt that a journal was necessary to maintain a healthy level of sanity. I do not wish to become "bridezilla". I record guests names and addresses and their replies, registry information, pictures of my favourite accessories, cakes, flowers, etc. and of course, EXPENSES!!

My Dream Journal - This one hasn't been used in a while. Lately my dreams are quickly forgotten and therefore no recollections to enter. Dream journal hints - keep it next to your bed and write as soon as you wake up. It's AMAZING the connections you find between the dream world and the real world."

Questions" Journal - I was given a gift for Christmas a few years ago of a book of 1000 questions about life past, present, and future. I've enjoyed answering many of these questions which include, "When did you first own a VCR?", "What are you views on religion?", "What are your favourite childhood memories?" and everything in between.

And now I have started yet another journal - can I keep up? Can I become acquainted with writing that does not involve the sound of pen scratching paper? I hope so - I really like the sounds of keys typing too.

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