Monday, December 01, 2008

I Second the Motion

I just visited Christa's blog to play catchup and say THIS POST and it's SO funny cause I was going to write almost the exact same thing!

So here goes:

I would also consider myself to be a geek.

Well, maybe just part-geek. I wasn't the most popular girl in highschool but I'd say I was fairly popular. I had lots of friends, hung out a lot, played sports, almost always had a boy toy to play with. That doesn't sound very geeky, does it?

However, I barely ever wore makeup. My hair was totally out of control. I was a bit of a prude, some might say, and NEVER smoked, drank, had sex, did any drugs AT ALL! Not even a smidge. I got kicked out of academic math (not for anything bad, of course) because I was too good at it and had to continue without a teacher via Distance education. I had no idea about the most popular music. I never went to school dances.

And here's what I believe to be one of the main reasons why I was a bit of a dork and why I STILL am:
I loved literature class. Was fascinated by Mr. Elgar and his ability to read the acts from Shakespeare very nearly from memory. I enjoyed writing those essays that everyone else despised.
So, when I read the book "Twilight" I noticed in the back of the novel some questions, as though the publishers were preparing for it to be added to the list of highschool novels. I wanted SO badly, you wouldn't even imagine, to sit down and write a response in essay format to one of those questions. I went through the details in my mind and read the book TWICE more to confirm my opinions choosing quotes for my reasoning. HA! I managed to stop myself from ACTUALLY writing the essay (mostly because the hubster is such a bully and wouldn't stop mocking me & my twilight obsession). I'm such a loser!

Take that Miss Quirky Christa and your meal plans! HA! Actually, I usually do a meal plan for us too...but you knew that already cause we geeks, we totally stick together!

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Quirky Christa said...

What's with us geeks writing about being geeks? LOL! And yeah, we do stick together :)