Monday, December 01, 2008

All About the Girl

I realized this morning it's been a long time since I've talked to you about Sarah. So, I'd like to introduce my little toddler to all of you.

Miss Sarah Lillian Hynes:
21 months old
A whopping 30 lbs!
Wears 24 months
Is obsessed with her "beaks" (that's books)
Usually eats very well but for some reason has difficulty with breakfast foods and meats
Favourite meals consist of: tomotoes, cheese, pasta, peaches, and yogurt
Has one nap a day, about 2 hours in the afternoon
Loves her daycare provider "Maggie" and asks for her almost every day
Is quiet in church but loud at home
Is a good but light sleeper
Loves clipping and unclipping, zipping and unzipping, emptying and putting things back
Says "Mine" so much she reminds me of the seagulls in "Finding Nemo"
Doesn't fight with getting her hair washed in the tub
Sings in the car
Loves Elmo and "Eener" (that's Ernie)
Carries her brown bear (yes, his name is actually what he is) almost everywhere
Fell off the side of the couch and the ottoman but still insists on standing on both
Loves her bottle but is starting to get used to using a cup for her naps in the daytime
Is a bit of a bully if other kids get in her personal space

Is a very chatty girl and has so many words in her vocab, it's hilarious listening to her repeat everything. Her newest words are:
Calling daddy "Jeemie" instead of daddy
I-no-wann-it (I don't want it - she says it fast like it's all one word)
counting "two, free" (she only says those two numbers) when we're walking the stairs
Poppa Shruck (she knows Poppa is driving his big TRUCK)
Monkey (exactly what it is...started on the Subway commerical I think)
Duck (which is not actually "duck", it's "STUCK" as in can't get off my rocking horse, mommy!)
Nap (asking for, immediately followed by "bobby" and "bee-er". That is, "Bottle" and "bear")
Peam egg (meaning she wants "cream" on her "legs" which are very dry)

She has a very lucky mommy and daddy cause...

She's just awesome!!

Because she loves tomatoes so much I thought this cool variety pack would be great!! She seemed to like the one with the cool green stripes the best.


Quirky Christa said...

Mine, Mine, Mine...that's my fav part of Finding Nemo

Stephanie said...

That`s great that she loves tomatoes. I think I find this the most fascinating fact because I love almost all foods but could not eat a raw tomatoe for $100.