Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am currently on hold...and I am so UPSET I just had to post.

Back at the end of November I ordered the hubsters Christmas present online at Futureshop. GREAT! That meant I didn't have to go to Corner Brook to do my shopping.

Then I got an email saying that my order was on hold because my shipping information didn't match what my credit card company had on file. This ALWAYS happens lately with "General Delivery" addresses. I don't technically have a street address or a post office box. On the website you MUST put in a street address because "GD" is not an acceptable address. So I got a message saying I had to call and verify my address. I called and took care of that.

And I just went to check my order status and my order was CANCELLED! What?! So I called customer service and they said I was sent an email about my address again (which I DID NOT receive) and when I didn't respond they cancelled my order.

And then after me getting very angry, the solution the supervisor of the customer service desk gave me was to re-order. "HELLO??", I said, "Why would I ever order from you again. This is a Christmas present and how can I be sure the same thing isn't going to happen again?" And when I couldn't be reassured of that, I reassured him that I would be officially filing a complaint.

Seriously, this stuff makes me so angry. And when I get really angry I start to almost cry. Here I thought I was saving myself shopping woes and taking the easy route for the gift my husband wanted and it's caused nothing but a hassle. Ugh!

Christmas, Christmas...Hip Hooray!

Now I'm off to call Sears to see if I can get some electronics shipped in time for Santa to appear.

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