Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not My Fault

Just because I have an awesome family who chose to pay attention to my favourite things and, therefore, decided to graciously give me the gifts of FIVE purses...

Two from the hubster - the patent red and burgundy saddle bag
One from Granny - the orange, my fav!
One from my sister, Tracey - the "obnoxious purple", as she called it.
One from my mom - the metallic pewter she knew I had been admiring in the Avon book.

...and so I am simply doing my duty as the recipient to kindly accept and enjoy! You just can't imagine the burden of pure delight I "carry"! (ok, that was a bad joke, I apologize for that one)

The hubster, however, has warned me of our imminent divorce should I decide to look upon EVEN ONE purse in 2009...he thinks he, like, knows me or something...ha!

1 comment:

Lose That Girl said...

Wow. Lucky duck! If you get bored of any, I'll take them off your hands.