Thursday, August 04, 2005

HOME pics by Brent

My brother Darren and three of his friends, Brent, Angela, and Lori, decided to continue their vacation after the wedding with a trip to Newfoundland.

Brent took a gazillion pics...just wanted to share some of my favourite "postcard" shots.

And to give you an idea of why I sometimes get depressed about living in is a picture of Lori sitting in my parents living room, in the home where I grew up. Behind Lori is a window and you can see the spectacular view of the mountains and the ocean. Oh, how I miss that ocean!

The same view from the outside

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Tara said...

OH I know what you mean about the view. How BEAUTIFUL! Those shots are AWESOME!

PS...if you go on my weblog now there is a photo album (on the right column) called Myrna&Jamie. It has all the unedited, uncropped photos that I took (I hope I don't disappoint you when you realize there are more of Noah than of you and Jamie....oops!)