Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Softball versus Golf

As of last night I have discovered that Jamie's next softball tournament in London is on the same weekend in September as my company golf tournament.

I was planning to spend the weekend in London with Jamie, we would be staying at a friends house. But I also don't want to miss golf. It's always a good day out followed by a great meal and PRIZES (I love free stuff!).

So I explained my situation to Jamie.

His simple solution:
"That's okay honey. I don't want you to miss your golf day. We can drive back home on Friday night and I'll just drive back to London on Saturday morning."

and then he added:
"You know all the other guys? They would never do that for their wives cause they wouldn't want to drive back and forth. But I will do that for you....because I am WONDERFUL!"

And then he started to laugh. I'm laughing on the inside but give him a goofy eye-roll.

My husband is quite the character...complete with self-praise.

But I must say, I have to agree. :)


Quirky Christa said...

Oh no, you can't miss the golf tournament! Its just so much fun and we all swap prizes! You MUST go :)

dafrhug said...

LMAO, that is halarious. Self praise is better than none right?