Thursday, August 04, 2005

Laughter is the best medicine

Last night, late supper, and Jamie decides to cook some rice to go with his bbq'd burgers. I am in the bedroom and from the kitchen I hear, "OUCH! ooohhh, that really hurts..." etc. I ask what's wrong. Jamie burned his finger. I told him to run it under the tap to make it feel better. Thought nothing more of it until...

Now this wouldn't be a big deal or a funny story at all unless you know my husband and his ability to turn absolutely everything into an excuse to get special perks.

Later in the night...

Jamie: "Ya know, honey, I was reading in this medical magazine..."
Me: "Uh huh??"
(picture me with a look on my face that is partially indifferent because I know he never reads medical ANYTHING yet I am completely intrigued to know where this is leading)
Jamie: (Such a serious look on his face) "Well this article said that in the case of minor injury such as a burned finger it really helps if the person gets a back massage..."
Myrna: (smerk) "Oh really?"
Jamie: (still serious) "Yeah, it said that the pressure points in the muscles of the back would help to relieve the pain of the burn."

I completely cracked up laughing. Like I said, Jamie can use anything at all to TRY and get some special attention (he had already used his burned finger as an excuse earlier to get out of washing dishes).

And then Jamie reminded that there was laundry in the dryer downstairs.
Me: "Well could you go get it?"
Jamie (showing me his red finger): "But my burn...I'll go down with you though"
So we take the elevator to the laundry room and he sits down watching me fold piece after piece.
Me: "You're just going to sit there? Why did you even come down?"
Jamie (much too quickly): "Emotional support."

Again, I completely crack up. How could I not?

Boy, am I in for it or what?!

I can picture it....Next Weeks Edition "The case of the stubbed toe and the inability to wash his own hair in the shower"...ha!!


Quirky Christa said...

And here I thought Kristen was a special case, so its ALL men. Guess that means no hope for my future either :)

dafrhug said...

LMAO.....yup I have come to the conclusion that is is definetly all men. I thought the minor stuff was bad, you should have seen Colin milk it when he got his

Tara said...

OMG Myrna....that is tooooo funny. I laugh because of the story and also because of all the excuses I've heard! You ARE in for a ride of stories! Imagine...if they can be that creative with excuses....why not on birthdays, anniversaries or mother's day! hee!