Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2nd Edition of Jamie's Injuries & Excuses

This time, his injury occurred on the softball field, sliding into one of the bases (probably 2nd base - he always slides into 2nd for some reason).

The injury: Almost a legit injury this time, it is a really nasty scrape on the forearm beginning just above the wrist and continuing all the way to the elbow. The "bad" part is about an inch diameter of open wound where the skin was completely torn off. It is now red and puffy and slightly infected.

The efforts to "Milk it":
  • "Oh, carrying this laundry basket makes my arm go all numb like it's going to fall off. I think you're gonna have to carry it"
  • "This type of injury definitely requires some tender loving care....like a massage"
  • "Can you put some cream and a bandage on it before I go to bed? Cause if not then I won't be able to sleep cause my arm hurts when it touches the sheet. And if I'm not sleeping good then you won't be able to sleep either. "
  • "Can you cut my toenails? cause I can't stretch my arm down all that way...and it's just better when you do it."

Stay tuned for 3rd Edition to soon follow...


dafrhug said...

lol, god help you when he has something major like a broken bone or something. He'd be milking something like that for months.

Tara said...

OMG....LOL....has Jamie met Jacques? They must have....as Jacques is the KING of excuses because after reading these excuses I wonder if they have conspired!!! Take good care of the poor little man in his time of "need"...ha!ha!ha!