Monday, August 01, 2005


I was awakened at 6:30am on our wedding day to the sound of thunder..."Oh no!" My initial reaction was to panic, especially as the day wore on and the rain did not seem to let up. But, I quickly made a decision that it didn't matter what the weather was like. It's not like it's something I could control. I sat down and wrote a little note to Jamie saying "no matter rain or shine, on the beach, in a church, whatever, long as we begin this journey together then that's all that matters". Mom continued to remind me that it POURED on her wedding day so it was obviously good luck. And of course, Dad advised me that he was praying for sunshine and he was quite confident ("Oh ye of little faith!") that the heavens would cooperate.

And co-operate they did...

The drive down to the beach was quite an adventure, covering all of our vehicles in dark red mud. The caterer van got stuck and Jacques (Tara's husband) had to become a "taxi service" in the SUV to bring guests back and forth. But, no matter, because as soon as we got down to the beach everything was perfect! The rain had stopped! Jamie looked so handsome in his khaki suit and sandals. And, Vicki tells me that the sun began to shine as soon as we said "I DO" How romantic is that??!!

Here are just a few pics to share...

Arriving on the scene...chatting with the wedding planner.

Saying our vows.

Signing the of my favourite pics so far.

Mr and Mrs Jamie Hynes...being silly on the beach.

Jamie and I with my parents, brother and sister.

With Jamie's parents, Barb and Neil.

Bridal Party...what cute beach outfits!


tara said...

Oh Myrna....awesome pictures! I have been desperately trying to get my blog entry done for you to see some of my shots of your wedding. (I can't finish tonight...I am too tired and have to get up for work (euck) tomorrow). Of course, I believe I am bias with many, many photos of Noah. In the next couple of days, i will try to upload all my photos to a photo album on my weblog for you to see. I have to say one of my favourites so far is the one of Jamie holding you...AWESOME. Are these photos from the photographer or from someone else?

dafrhug said...

Finally some pictures, and they are AWESOME. I'm so happy that everything turned out great for you. The pictures makes want to have been there even more than before. They are beautiful.

Quirky Christa said...

Just beautiful! I'm so happy for the both of you. The pictures make everything so real, you're actually a Mrs. so exciting :)