Sunday, July 31, 2005

Flowergirls and Ringbearers

Ah, my little flowergirls and ringbearers...composed of a few of my favourite (and CUTEST) kids in the whole wide world.

First of all, my niece Erykah, just plain and simply a given when it came to making a choice about a flowergirl. To me, she is awesome and I just love her so much. And what a cute little flowergirl she was. She was so prim and proper and serious about her duties. I was surprised at how calm she was the entire day. Only late in the night on the dance floor did she get a little cranky. She didn't want to go to sleep and miss anything but she also didn't want to "walk", perfectly content to be up in arms while I danced.

My choice for ringbearer and the perfect little escort for Erykah was Noah, my friend Tara's little boy. What a personality this kid has. Friends and family just couldn't stop talking about Noah and how funny he was with his "comments". For example...(I'm laughing my butt of as I remember these)...during rehearsal Noah overheard that he wouldn't be carrying the "real" rings. He was devestated and declared, "Well my mom told me that I have to carry the rings". So, we decided that it would be very cruel to disappoint him and tied two "fake" rings to the pillow and I told him how proud I was at him being such a responsible big boy. And then Noah told the Pastor that there was "no pushing allowed" when the Pastor was trying to nudge him into the correct spot at the altar. At the wedding, Tara seemed much more nervous than I and stood on the sidelines biting her nails at the thought of Noah's antics. Tara, he is so much like you! ha, ha...and I love that about him! So, at the wedding we are all waiting to walk down the aisle and some of us are chatting. Noah pipes us and says, "My mom told me we have to be QUIET!" Boy, were we told?! And finally, what a cutie...he decides to come over to me later in the night and asked if he could give me one of his special puppy dog kisses (just a little lick on the cheek that he does to his mom). I thought it was so precious, what a sweetie!

Jamie's niece Taylor was another flowergirl choice for us that was obvious. She was originally to be a junior bridesmaid but told me that she really wanted to be called a flowergirl because she had never been one before. I agreed. As long as she was a part of the wedding party then "title" didn't make a difference to me at all. Taylor is a great girl. She is so funny and quirky and a real cutie with a dimple in her cheek. You just never know what she's going to say next and asked me a gazillion questions on my wedding day, "Auntie Myrna, why are you wearing a white dress? Shouldn't a princess wear pink or blue"..."Auntie Myrna, how come your flowers are bigger?"..."Auntie Myrna, the girls look way better than the boys." Again, I agreed with her...what a great observation from an 8-year old.

Last but not least my cousin, Tyler. A sweet and cute blond who was the perfect match for Taylor to walk down the aisle. Tyler is in the "Cootie" stage and had a bit of a hard time accepting Taylor's advances to hold her hand. He was slowly convinced and then really seemed to like the idea. At the dance, after Taylor caught my bridal bouquet, Tyler caught the garter and proceeded to put the garter around her foot (very shyly but the kind of shy that you know means he kinda likes her...he even asked his dad if he could get Taylor's phone number when they got back home...he, he!!). Tyler decided that he wanted to give me a gift at the wedding and presented me with a tiny little fishing boat. So thoughtful...

My wedding day would never have been complete without these little people surrounding me with their own special kind of presence and unconditional love. They are amazing and I thank them (and their parents) for being such great kids!

Hoping for better kid pics when I receive the photographers photos in about 4 weeks.


dafrhug said...

I just love reading your blogs but again I'm disappointed that there is no pictures. :-(

Tara said...

OMG Myrna....I am LMAO just thinking about the funny little things that Noah says! I'm certainly glad you found humour in it all! I completely missed (during the wedding) Noah saying to be quiet or stop talking....what a little ham!

Just a side note....your wedding was ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT....and you were STUNNING! I am so happy for the both of you. Jamie seems to be a perfect gentleman....and I am so glad that I could be there to witness the beginning of your new life together! Congrats to you both!