Tuesday, July 12, 2005

5th Annual Girls Weekend

Ah...I feel so rejuvenated. Our girls weekend at the cottage was amazing. Just what I needed - a time to relax and have fun and de-stress. I love absolutely everything to do with being at the cottage on the bay - the water soothes me like nothing else, and reminds me of home.

Saturday is always the best day. We have so much fun sea-dooing, boating, swimming, etc. This year we took a trip to a very pretty place called "The McCoys" (will post pics shortly). It was great being out in the open water riding the seadoo with waves splashing, all of us getting soaked. It was a crazy hot day so the cool water was a relief to say the least.

And as usual, we were spoiled by our hosts on Saturday evening. They cooked us a yummy meal. Appetizers were smoked salmon wraps, coconut shrimp, and a green salad with goat cheese and raspberry vinagarette. Entree was steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and (oh so good!!!!) crab legs. To die for!!

Spending time with the girls is so great. When we're all together, nobody seems to fuss or worry over makeup or hair or clothes. We just sit around in our scrubs and pj's with pigtails, sunscreen, and bug spray...eating cookies and chocolate and chips. What could be better?

Now we just have to sit back and smile over pictures and new memories and eagerly anticipate our next girls weekend (and yes, it's already booked!)

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Quirky Christa said...

It was a great time wasn't it? I think it was much needed weekend for all us girls.