Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Time flies when you're having "fun"

I have way too many things happening right now. I seriously think I'm losing my mind, I can't even remember the simple daily things.

I'll give you an update on wedding stuff, etc. Maybe getting it all out into my blog will help to clear my head.

Wedding dress: I have decided to wear the new "replacement" dress. The old one, though fixed, still doesn't make me happy. The new one fits perfectly, no alterations needed. Woohoo!

Veil and hair: I picked up my veil from the bridal store last week. I love it, it's simple and so pretty. It's just one layer, ivory, with a little bit of ivory satin trim around the edge. Jennifer and I did a hair trial with my veil on Saturday. It was great! I love how my hair looked. We took a few pics. I will make my final decision between my favourite two styles when we get our film developed this week.

Digital camera: waiting for film development has reminded me that I desperately need a digital camera.

Music for the wedding: I need help with this one. I have decided on "I could not ask for more" by Sarah Evans for Jamie and I to have our first dance. And, Jamie's mom has decided on "Have I told you lately" by Rod Stewart for the mother/son dance. The only one I need is a song for the bridal party to dance to. It has to be a slow song because the groom and the best man both refuse to dance :) Any suggestions?

Groom Attire: When Jamie tried on his suit a couple of weeks ago, he discovered that the pants were hemmed much too short. But, we took the pants back to Moores yesterday and they re-did the alterations. He looks so handsome in his suit. It is a light beige colour and he will be wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath, no shirt, no tie. Just casual...and with sandals.

Ceremony Program: I am currently working on this. I still have to talk to my Pastor to find out the exact order of the service. Am I forgetting anything in the program? I have "Order of Service", list of bridal party names, parents, officiant, pianist, etc. I am also waiting for my mom to decide on a hymn to sing. AND, on the back I added a "With love we remember..." section in tribute to Jamie's mom who passed away as well as our grandparents who have passed away. Then I added a thank you note...I think that's it.

Favours: All done! We have photo albums that look like a picture frame on the front. Hard to "picture", I know. But they're really cute. All wrapped in raffia and thank you tags and ready to go.

Centerpieces: Also ready to go. I have clear glass bowls which will be filled with sand and shells with a candle in the center. This was so easy! I think our reception will include a game so guests can "win" the centerpieces.

Final Numbers: We currently have 65 people attending. Of that, there are 13 children! he, he!

Gifts: Still have to get gifts for the Pastor and the Wedding Planner....suggestions for this too please?!

Seating Plan: I think this is going to be a pain in the butt. I haven't even started it yet. It's hard to figure out who should sit with who.

Something Old..New..Borrowed..Blue: Okay, here's what I have. Something New - Wedding Dress, veil, etc. Something Borrowed - my moms pearls. Something Blue - Ribbon on my flowers. But what about something OLD?? I have no idea...

Okay, I think that's all for now...Oh...

New House: Our basement has been poured...woohoo! No framing or anything as of two nights ago. But I'm happy to see SOMETHING happening. I just can't wait to move in!

Only a week and a half until Jamie and I leave to drive to PEI....!!


dafrhug said...

k, with the gifts you need for the pastor and the wedding planner - I just went to an engraving store called "Things Engraved" and they had a whole selection of things that are used as thank yous for weddings. Really helped with some ideas.

As with the something old, I wore my great-grandmother's wedding band on my other hand. Maybe this will give you an idea. Is there anything you could use from an old family member. Like a hanky (please not your grandfather's though) or a ring, braclet or something. I figured that no one in our family was ever divorced so it would help to wear something of theirs. Just an idea.

tara said...

OMG definitely need a weekend away! I am dizzy just thinking of all the things that must be going on in your head.

The something old....hmmmm!!! How about a really old pair of know the kind that are all stretched outta shape and torn!!! Okay, okay...enough of the nonsense already. I like 'dafrhugs' idea!