Friday, July 20, 2007

Major Overhaul

I decided to take the plunge a couple of weeks ago and attempt to clean out my closet(s) of all the clothing I've accumulated. What a mess! I had some serious packing/purging to do. First of all, sadly, I have A LOT of stuff that's too small for me right now. There are things that I bought in the summer of 2005 (when we got married) that are still really awesome and practically brand new that I haven't worn since. It's very depressing. Here are all the bins I have packed (not sure where to put the bins yet but that's for another day):

Bin #1. Dress pants/skirts that I want to keep but are too small (most are) or I don't wear right because I'm ultra-casual nowadays.
Bin #2. Clothes that I refuse to get rid of even tho' I may never wear them. I.e Homemade newfie knit sweaters (one of my own, an old one of my dads and one of my uncles), Oldschool leather jackets that also belonged to my dad and uncle, my grandfathers suit, that kinda stuff that's too sentimental for me to part with.
Bin #3. Full and overflowing with clothes that are perfectly great but I don't want anymore. I'd like to bring them home to Nfld if I could fit it in my luggage for my aunties but if not, goodwill bound!
Bin #4. Maternity clothes

And then there's baby stuff:
Bin #5. 18 - 24 month clothes
and then I ran out of bins...
Box #6. Toys
Box #7. Baby Shoes (Yes, there's enough of them to fill a box thanks to the sisters!)
Box #8. 12 month clothes
Box #9. Winter baby clothes

And a box of my own shoes on top of that to make #10!

Maybe I should open my own thrift shop...any buyers? lol :)

I'd just rather get it all cleared out now that I'm going on vacation soon! Yay! We're heading to Newfoundland on August 1st and we can't wait!! Sarah and I will be staying for 3 weeks until the 22nd of August - figured why rush to get back? Jamie's staying for 10 days. Our plans include Jamie's grandmothers 80th bday/60th year in Nfld (she's a war-bride from England)/Family Reunion. We're also having Sarah christened while home. AND, we get to see Jamie's sisters new house for the first time. AND, actually Jamie will be seeing my parents house for the first time now that I think of it. Seems rather weird that my husband has never seen where my parents live. Oh the joys of living away from "home".

Also, I'm very excited to say that Tracey's two oldest kiddies are travelling with me to Newfoundland as well. First it was just Erykah who was coming along but then Isabella wouldn't stop talking about going too so we collectively decided she could come on vacation as well to see Grandma and Poppa. Erykah has gone to Nfld before with me (no mommy or daddy) but Isabella hasn't. Hopefully she'll be fine as I'm sure she will, probably won't even notice with all the fun she'll be having with her new-found freedom to run around outside and play without the confines of an apartment building. Mostly I know this is going to be a much deserved break for my exhausted and stressed sister. She'll still have the baby at home but that's nothing compared to chasing after 3 boistrous girls! I'm very much looking forward to this trip! It's been much too long since I was home...3 and a half years! Please pray the rock gives us some nice warm weather. I can almost smell the salt water...ahhhh!!

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tara said...

OH my Myrna - I soooo know how you feel to be going home for a nice visit! I am soooo happy for you! Hopefully you'll have a chance to keep us updated on facebook of how your trip is going (with pictures too, of course)!!!

If I don't talk to you before then - have a GREAT vacation!