Sunday, April 18, 2010

101 in 1001

Christa did it.
Jody did it too.
And now I've gone and done it....FINALLY! After taking forever to complete it, here's my:

101 in 1001

Start Date: Monday, April 19, 2010
End Date: Monday, January 14, 2013

Vacations/Sightseeing/Family adventures
1. Take another trip down southApril 12-19, 2011 Went to Dominican Republic for Steph and Ed's wedding
2. See an iceberg August 7,2011 Saw my 1st iceberg at St. Lunaire-Griquet, NL en route to St. Anthony
3. Visit Lanse Aux Meadows August 7, 2011 Loved it!
4. Meet a puffin in person
5. Visit a castle (hopefully somewhere in Europe)
6. Go snorkelling
7. See Cirque du Soleil
8. Take a ride on a horse (horseback or wagon-drawn)
9. Climb Gros Morne Mountain
10. Go snowshoeing
11. Take my Dad ziplining
12. Do a cave tour
13. Visit a museum August 8, 2011 Visited the Grenfell House Museum & Interpretation Center in St. Anthony - Absolutely beautiful & Educational.

On the Home Front
14. Renovate our bathroom - add a soaker tub, new tile, updated cabinetry
15. Hang pictures/decorative items in the master bedroom (currently there are NONE)
16. Complete the downstairs guest room
17.Paint the kitchen and dining room in BRIGHT colours (Red for kitchen/Purple for dining room perhaps?)December 2011 - my kitchen and dining room are now both bright purple! Yay!
18. Put up new curtains
19. Plant a flower garden
20. Add some plants to the house and keep them alive!
21. Frame and hang one of my own sketches/paintings
22. Fix the pull-down stairs to the attic so I can access it better for storage
23. Purchase a climber/slide set for the backyardSummer 2010 - Sarah is very excited about her new slide and swing set :)

Get it Together
24. Sort and purge bins of old clothes - give it all away or yard-sale itMay 23, 2010
25. Mail Vicki's VERY LATE Christmas 2009 (Yes, I said "Christmas") present August 1, 2010
26. Organize the kitchen cupboards
27. Burn photos onto disks
28. Organize Sarah's toys into binsMay 23, 2010
29. Sew buttons back on to that stack of pants

Firsts for Sarah
30. Take Sarah on her first amusement park ride (kiddie coaster/ferris wheel)
31. Teach Sarah how to do "Cats Cradle"
32. Video Sarah singing May 4, 2010
33. Take Sarah berry picking September 2011 at Lomond Farms in Stephenville and we got poured on!
34. Teach Sarah to swim
35. Take Sarah to a show or movie
36. Teach Sarah how to print her name
37. Teach Sarah how to tie her shoes
38. Have a dollhouse built for SarahCouldn't find a dollhouse builder so we purchased a wooden dollhouse for her, Christmas 2010

For Offspring #2
39. Choose a name August 31, 2010 Charlotte Joy
40. Design and paint the nursery Summer 2010
41. Breastfeed for at least 6mths Ended breastfeeding April 2010, just over 7 months
42. Record baby's first steps (I missed Sarah's)
43. Have maternity photos taken Done by Christa Hann Photography
44. Find a vintage children's book to use as wall art for the nurseryJune 2010, Found one at the local library, scanned and copied the pages - I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to do that :/
45. Photograph baby #2 with 4 generations

Me, Myself, and I
46. Get contacts
47. Wear a bikini again April 12-19, 2010 during our trip down south - and I didn't look half bad ;)
48. Finish reading the "Outlander" series
49. Get another tattoo
50. Re-evaluate my busy schedule - drop what I don't love April 27/10
51. Buy a good nursing braMay 2010
52. Paint my toenails red
53. Have a girls night out
54. Try a new food
55. Write a poem
56. Visit Clayton's grave
57. Open up my Etsy shop again
58. Win a contest
59. Get natural tan lines (no fake-n-bake)April 12-19, 2010 during my trip down south, got tanlines galore and burn-lines in some places...ouch!
60. Try a new ice cream flavourMay 27, 2011 while in St. John's tried the Laura Secord super dark chocolate ice cream at Laura Secord, yum!!
61. Research to educate myself on a new subject matter

The Hubster
62. Go out for dinner to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary
63. Make a habit of greeting the hubster with a kiss/hug when he comes home from work
64. Put together a 1000-piece puzzle - together
65. Complete Jamie's family tree
66. Watch a movie together for each letter in the alphabet
67. Surprise the hubster with "something" he's been wanting Got him that new bbq that he really didn't need but wanted soooo's a nice one :)
68. Buy hubster a new pair of Mavi jeans (they fit him best and only has the one pair)

Family Stuff
69. Apply for native status
70. Turn off the TV for an entire weekend
71. Pay off credit card debt
72. Open a savings account (education fund) for each kiddo
73. Interview my Nan about her life
74. Attend my Nan's 80th birthday party (if I'm not in labour at the time) Unfortunately this could not happen - Nan got very sick at the time and had to be hospitalized.
75. Send a card and note to a loved one to tell them how much I appreciate them
76. Mail Christmas cards December 19, 2010 better late than never (my life motto)

Health Stuff
77. Lose 25-30 lbs February 3, 2011 have officially lost 30 pounds!
78. Go an entire weekend without chocolate
79. Eat the required servings in all categories on the Canada Food Guide for at least ONE day
80. Organize a fitness/leisure group specifically geared to Seniors in the community

Being Green
81. Sew cloth "non-paper" towels and baby wipes
82. Set up backyard compost
83. Plant a veggie garden
84. Cloth diaper baby #2 Started September 2010
85. Use Low VOC when painting the nursery

"Work"ing on it
86. Take a full year off for maternity leave
87. Learn a new cake decorating technique
88. Make a wedding cakeJuly 10, 2010
89. Renovate the store front - counter/windows/paint
90. Learn how to make bread

91. Get Isabella's and Olivia's scrapbooks up to date
92. Complete a wedding scrapbook for Mom
93. Complete a scrapbook for Clayton's mom January 2011 Clayton's mom started attending my scrapbooking class herself and, therefore, is doing the album herself :)
94. Learn more about my Nikon & implement to take better pics of my family
95. Complete my crazy quilt
96. Host a full day of scrapbookingScrappy Sunday: May 16, 2010

Being Charitable
97. Donate my hair to "Locks of Love"
98. Send a gift to my sponsor child
99. Purchase a chicken or rabbit or seed packets at World Vision or Samaritans PurseDecember 2010 purchased guinea pigs as Christmas gifts for Papa and Poppy from Sarah and Charlotte.
100. Donate $1 to Charity for every item not completed on this list


Christa said...

56. Visit Clayton's grave

Maybe we could go together when I'm home...unless you'd rather go alone?

Love your list! So organized too! Hopefully I can help tick off "maternity photos" :)

Myrna Hynes said...

I didn't go on the day of the funeral, it would be good to go together. They have the headstone on order so I'm sure it would be up by then.
I told Jamie he needs to take a day off to help me get some of the organizational things checked off my list :)
Can't wait for my mat photos!

Lose That Girl said...

What a great list. So inspirational! Perhaps I will do the same for 2011. This year has already gotten the best of me so I'll just wait in the wings and see how you do.

Stephanie said...

How did you like Outlander??

Myrna Hynes said...

Steph, Outlander is GREAT! I'm on "Drums on Autumn" right now, waiting for the next book to come in at the library since they don't have it on the shelf. Thanks for the recommendation!