Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Charlotte's First Snow Day

It was a couple of weeks ago now. We finally got snow and I decided to take the girls outside to play.

Sarah had fun making snow angels.

Charlotte was unimpressed.

So, I asked her about her dislike of the white stuff and she said,

"No, I do not like it in the snow
I do not like it - no, no, no!
I did not like it on your back
I did not like wearing that hat
No, I did not like it -
And that is that!"

I told her I thought she was exaggerating slightly (can we say "her father's daughter) as she did in fact fall asleep in my "back pack" for about a 1/2 hour.

Then she replied,

"Why yes, oh yes, I fell asleep
While you were in the snow knee-deep
For I had nowhere else to go
When you were shovelling that snow."

Hmmm...clearly, Charlotte has been reading far too much Dr. Suess!

I wonder what she'll say when I tell her we're going out again today?


Anonymous said...


maybe she will say:

Mommy, mommy its hard to say,
I think you are picking on me too much today,
I dont like the snow,
I dont like the cold
Take my sister and go and play
Maybe I will attemt it another day!

Christa said...

That's sooooooo cute

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

That was brilliant! You are a poet -- and now the bloggers know it!