Monday, January 16, 2012

Dieting and New Shoes

I decided this past week to start dieting, AGAIN!

Not because it's the New Year and I've made a resolution to do so - I never do resolutions of the New Year variety - but because I've gained 20 pounds since last February.

Last February, after breastfeeding (which is, for me, the best way to lose pounds EV.ER!) I was down 18 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. That means I lost all 27 pounds of prego weight + another 18 for a grand total of 45 lbs in a little over 5 months.

Makes me want to have another baby. Almost. Not quite.

So, here goes the Weight Watchers points counting AGAIN. It works, I've done it before. It just takes some stick-to-it-tiveness. Which I may or may not have, depending on the day. I get bored with the monotony and have far too little will-power. Plus, the chocoholism doesn't help much. Just last night I was pounding back the Baileys filled chocolates. Baileys. And on a Sunday, after church, no less! Tsk tsk tsk. My chocoholism, clearly, has no limits!

And because I can't hibernate all winter long, as much as I'd like to, I've decided I may as well try and get out to enjoy the snow. If you can't beat it, frolic in it. Snowshoe style. I have no idea about brand names or whatever at this point. I went to the store, saw some pretty black with red trim snowshoes, and bought them. The lady said something about really liking "her (insert brand name here)'s". They look kinda like this. Which I personally think are very cool compared to the huge clunky round ones I had as a kid.

Now, the nice thin lady at the Sports store also told me I don't need the poles. She doesn't use the poles. Finds them "cumbersome". I listened to her, nodded, "oh yeah, cumbersome. I can totally see that." like I have a clue. But, it has been a very long time since I've done any skiing or snowshoeing or any type of winter sport. I fully expect to end up face-first in a snowbank, unable to get up, cursing on my lack of poles.

This could be very interesting indeed. Wish me luck.

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Christa said...

They're super cute. Lots of luck with both points counting & snow shoeing :)