Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines isn't a huge event for us. I don't buy gifts for the kids and we seldom get time to go out for dinner.

As a kid, Valentines Day was all about filling out those little cards and giving them out to all your friends and crushes. Remember those?

In our Town, we would go out on Valentines night, knock on a persons door, drop off a Valentine card as quickly as possible and run for the hills before the person could answer. Don't ask me why we did that, nobody here does that anymore, but it was great fun! It was super exciting to get a knock on your door and run out to find a special card from a secret admirer.

Thanks to my cousin (Thanks Mel!) who took Sarah to her Valentines preschool party. She made the cutest little "Owl Always Love you" bag with lots of little cards from friends and heart-shaped treats inside. Last night I decorated the house with some homemade banners and hearts and baked a heart cake. Jamie said Sarah was very excited when she woke up this morning to see the decorations.

And that is when she reminded Daddy that he needed to do something for Mommy for Valentines Day too. This may not be a huge event but I do still love a cute sappy card and a box of yummy chocolates (What better gift could there be?)! Way to go, Sarah! Get Daddy's Valentine butt in gear!

How do you celebrate Valentines Day? Do you give/get gifts? Do you got out for a romantic dinner? Do you make special little treats with the kids? Or is it just another day?

Either way, hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day filled with lots of hugs and kisses!

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