Friday, March 09, 2012

Seeing the Cousins

Sarah has been asking for a while now to go see her cousins in Ontario. And when I would tell her, "But baby, that costs a lot of money." she would reply, "But Mommy, I have lots of money in my piggy bank!"

So cute. So not enough money.

So when Mom checked out her aeroplan points and saw there was enough to fly us there for Spring break to see my sister and the "cousins", we were all for it! Yay!

Spring break, here we come!

We'll be flying to Toronto tomorrow morning. I can't even use the expression  "bright and early" because it's even too early for the sun to be up. 5:15am. What kind of a gross flight is that? Ungodly, I tell ya! Makes me nauseated just thinking about getting up at 3am to drive to the airport. But anyways...

At 7am in Toronto we'll be picking up our rental car and heading to Niagara-on-the-lake to watch Miss Erykah play in a basketball tournament. We'll be spending Sunday visiting Niagara Falls - it'll be the first time for my girls and a while even for me. So I think that'll be nice.

That is, if the weather holds up. I've been expecting to go to "spring" weather, 15 degrees or so. But this morning it was snowing there! Ack! After all winter of no snow, Ontario decides to get snow NOW?! Like, come on!

Then it's off to my sisters home in Chatham for a week to spend some time with the girls on their week off. So looking forward to that!

Hopefully next weekend we'll also get to spend a bit of time in the Brampton area, visit some family, and I can take a quick trip up to Acton to visit my dear friends, the Hann family, and meet sweet baby Jenna.

Happy Spring break everyone! What are your plans?

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Christa said...

I hope you get to visit :)