Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hearing Test

Not sure how many of you knew this but Sarah failed her infant screening test when she was first born.

I honestly wasn't really worried (well, maybe a bit) because she seemed to be reacting and responding to sound very well...turn her head towards our voices and the cat meowing, open her eyes wide when we turned on her mobile, get a fright at loud noises.

But you just never know so...
Today we went for our secondary testing...and she passed in both ears. YAY!!!

And we're doing really good in all other areas too. Nanny and Poppy Hynes were here last week to visit and got to see the baby for the first time so that was pretty exciting for all of us. You should see all of the clothes they brought - some new stuff and LOTS of hand-me-downs from cousin Chloe. I had to buy a closet organizer to fit it all and still have to pack away some bigger items in bins. Seems like we won't have to buy clothes for this kid til she's like 2 years old between all of sisters!!

AND we have a big box FULL of the cutest shoes!! he he --- Baby is starting out on the right track. That's my girl!!


Quirky Christa said...

Oh no.....shoe obsession already? There's no hope :)

Jenny said...

I didn't know about the hearing test thing. Well at least everything is good now.
lol....shoe obsession....yup she's definitely "Myrna's" baby!!