Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's 3am I Must be Lonely

It's not actually 3am but close enough...it 4:37am actually and time is kinda all blurred together at this ungodly hour. Figure I may as well write a blog entry while waiting for baby Sarah to settle. She woke up at 2:55am for a feeding, did that, changed her, fed her again, tried to put her down, she fussed, changed her again, fed again, tried to put her down, she fussed, got her new soother to try, nope, took her to the spare room to lay down with her to see if she would settle, nope, tried aspirating her clogged nose, put her back in her crib with her old soother, she took that for a little while but spit it out again and fussed some more, took her up and tried rocking her, walked with her, shhhh'd her, tried feeding her again, etc. etc. etc. So then I decided..."Ok, she's fed, changed, burped, sang to, rocked, soothed, what else?" And then I put her into her crib and said "Goodnight baby girl, it's okay to go to sleep now." I walked away and closed the door and am now in the spareroom next door listening. She fussed for a bit and then I heard her sucking on her fingers which she often does. And then she fussed a little bit more but no crying at all so I left her alone. And NOW, woohoo! Just checked on her and she has drifted off all on her own....Good girl! And now mommy can return to peaceful slumber...at least for a little while. Night Night!


Quirky Christa said...

You're crazy being on the computer that hour in the morning

Jenny said...

Oh my God Myrna, I just remembered that you are a mom now. I know that sounds crazy but since i'm not there to see you anymore I just remember the old things about us all...camping, scrapbooking, and our girl weekends. Wow, we are all growing up. :(