Thursday, September 06, 2007

6 Month Old

Well baby Sarah is 6 months old now....Wow! How did that happen? I was telling Jamie today that it seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital awaiting her arrival and now I'm half way through my maternity leave already! This is craziness!

I have been terrible with updating my blog lately as I've been totally obsessed with facebook (isn't everyone?).

Here's a little update:

We got back from our 3 week vacation to Nfld on Aug 22nd. It was SO great to be home. It had been 3-1/2 years since I was there, much too long! I really don't want it to be that long before I go again. I usually don't struggle with coming back to Ontario but this time I wanted to stay. Sarah finally got to meet Poppa Goosney which was wonderful and we had her christened while we were home as well. The dress she wore has been in the family since my sister was christened in 1973. We've all worn it and my sisters children have all worn it too. It's really beautiful.

Only thing was that our trip completely threw off her schedule. Before leaving to go on vacation Sarah was sleeping through the was WONDERFUL!! But while we were there, she was up about every 2 hours! That was really tough on mommy, I found the lack of sleep even worse than when she was first born. Now that we're back she's doing better and has slept through the night a couple of times but has still been waking up at least once on most nights. Please cross your fingers for me that she'll start going back to restful nights soon, I am so not good at sleep deprivation, makes me quite grumpy (as I'm sure daddy can attest to). Perhaps, I suppose, I should have thought of that before having a baby. lol :)

Otherwise, the baby is doing great and has been trying some new foods. We started on cereal about a month ago, she loves that stuff! (to me it looks like cement when it's mixed up...eww!). Shortly after that I started giving her some veggies too. So far she loves everything she's tried with the exception of carrots. I was hoping she wouldn't enjoy peas because she smell and look absolutely YUC-KY but she loves those too.

And with the addition of new foods has come some more growth and weight gain. Today at our appointment with Dr. Abdulhussein, Sarah was 27-3/4 inches long and 18lbs 8ozs. Big girl! And she barely even cried for her needles. Just a little with the initial poke but she got over it very quickly and went back to being Miss Happy Girl.

And now that Miss Happy Girl is snoozing, I'm off to try and catch up on some zzzz's too. Will try to update more often.


Quirky Christa said...

Love the picture...I haven't had a chance to look at any pics of her Christening or your trip to Nfld yet on Facebook...soon though I'll get caught up :)

tara said...

My goodness....what a little cutie (who's growing like a bad weed). Can't wait to see more entries on your blog - but I feel ya, facebook is very time consuming! Gotta love technology!!