Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Silly Girl

Here are some of the latest pics of Sarah...

Hey, you can't keep me in here forever!

I can sit up on my own now!

Pretty blue eyes

Emjoying a sunny day outside with the kitty

In the last couple of weeks Sarah has developed this crazy smile that's so adorable. She scrunches up her nose and nearly closes her eyes when she's really excited.

My very 1st Piggytails!

Thanks for looking,


Daphne Hughes said...

She is so adorable and reminds me so much of pictures of you when you were a baby.


So sweet Myrna. One of them reminds me of Terry Payne, I bot no beet! hahah!! I can't believe shes almost 7 months now.. Time flies, My youngest just started kindergarten and the oldest is in grade 2, its just crazy!!!