Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's Happening

Just wanted to FINALLY add a post to fill you all in on some of the details of my life in the last little while.

Newfoundland is awesome! I love being home. I love working in the store. I love the fresh air and living by the ocean again. I love being near my family. Even living with my parents again has been working out surprisingly well. Of course it would be wonderful to have our own house again but since that doesn't seem to be in the near future, thank GOD my parents are so supportive and good to us.

The store is undergoing MANY renovations. The upstairs is in the process of being turned into a bakery and cafe. We've had a lot of snags during the process...such as finding out we had to put in a whole new upgraded electricial system, a new water line, new flooring, etc. etc....the list of money items goes on and on...but it's all very excited and I can't wait for the finished product to be up and running. Hopefully it'll happen by spring.

Speaking of which...I still need a bakery!!??

And I'm also excited to announce that I've gotten in quite a lot of new 100% cotton fabrics into the store. There's nowhere in the immediate area to get this type of stuff for our resident quilters and I'm really excited to be providing them this service. I swear,...ordering all these fabrics and getting to open all the boxes when they arrive by's just like Christmas!!

Jamie is doing well. I think he's coping okay for the most part being home, although I think he'd prefer if we'd had the same opportunity on "his side of the bay". He gets stressed sometimes about being home all day with the baby but we've been doing our best to take turns at the store for him to have some outside "work" time. In March, after Sarah's birthday, he'll be heading back to Ontario to work for a few weeks at his old work. I was expecting him to be away for only about 4 weeks but it looks now like it'll be more like 10 weeks. I was okay with 4 weeks but really strugging with the fact that my husband will be away for much longer than we had originally thought. Being a "single" parent for those weeks, not something I'm looking forward to. It's so hard! Hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end.

Baby Sarah, as some of you know, was in the hospital a couple weeks ago with a nasty urinary tract infection. The pediatrician ordered a test called a VCUG for last Monday. The test involved Sarah getting a catheter and dye inserted into the bladder to check for reflux. I was SO scared for her. I wouldn't have even wanted to have that test done myself. And I was told to prepare for the worse, that it wasn't a pleasant test for her to undergo. However, after lots of prayers, I'm happy to tell that Sarah went through the test AMAZING...she didn't cry even once and the nurse and xray tech said she was the best little patient they'd ever had. Unfortunately, the VCUG did reveal Sarah to have reflux in the left kidney. We are now waiting on the pediatrician to find out what it all means and what the next step will be. Vicki's (Anderson, that is) nephew has the same thing and has to stay on low level antibiotics to prevent him from getting infections. Not sure if we will have to do the same or not. I'll have to keep you posted on that. In the meantime, Sarah is growing like crazy and being busy busy busy. She's walking along now while holding onto things and will let go and stand for a brief few seconds. She says a few words - mommy, dada, pwee (pretty), and kee (kitty). She loves books but usually has to have them taken from her unless we want them to all be destroyed as she's quite "rough" to say the least. She points adamantly at whatever she wants and is quite a persistent little thing in her asking. And it seems she's got quite the little temper and doesn't hesitate to scream and swing her arms at whomever's in her way whenever she's upset. Little we are enjoying her so much! It's amazing to watch her grow and to see how much she's learned already.

And now I must go and try to post this...dial up is torture for me and most of the time I'd rather not even bother. And with that I'll also apologize for not posting any pics lately because it takes WAY TOO LONG to download, it's ridiculous. Anyways, hope to see you on facebook if I'm not able to post many blogs in the near future.

Bye for now,


Quirky Christa said...

Well hello stranger :) Thanks for the update and hopefully Sarah's "condition" isn't too serious.

Jacques & Tara said...

WOW....a posting!!! Thank you - so great to get caught up! Also glad to hear the update on Sarah!