Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paper Shredder

Yesterday, as usual, Sarah went down for her afternoon nap. After she had been to sleep for a couple of hours I thought I'd go have another look in at her to make sure she was fine. I looked in and she was sitting up in her crib playing. This is also "the norm" and I just let her be to occupy herself until she decides she wants out.

Finally, I hear her cry out and I go in to get her....OH MY GOODNESS!

When I reached down to pick Sarah up I noticed little white bits all over her crib sheet.

Before I go further with my story, I have to explain that while we are living with mom and dad Sarah is sharing a room with our old desk, the home of mom and dad's fax machine.

The little white bits? Sarah had reached through her crib and grabbed a transmission report from a fax that had been sent (a page about 4" x 8.5") She had obviously chewed the page to bits, eaten most of it (eeeekkkk!!) and there were just a few tiny bits of paper left over as evidence of what had happened. She had chewed little bits off the corners of her cardboard baby books before (Yeah, she`s a little scoundrel) but fax paper! THAT MUCH fax paper! Oh my!

While I`m in the room saying, `Oh NO! Sarah!`my mom comes in and all she could do was laugh. And in the excitement of trying to figure out if there were any remains in her mouth and cleaning up, I forgot to take a photo :(

I knew that Sarah was a good eater and loves everything but...
guess that`ll teach me to keep a closer eye during `naptimes`from now on!

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Quirky Christa said...

LOL....you need a Nanny cam for her!