Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Miss Myself

Although that sounds incredibly egotistical, it's true. I mean it. But mostly I'm referring to my blog, my writing, my readers (tho' they were few and far between, I still miss them). My life has changed so much in the past few months and I've had NO time to spend on this, one of my favourite pasttimes. I love to write and I never do it anymore.

So here's to trying to get back on track. My creative juices need to start flowing again to get some interest stories down in true "Chocoholic" fashion. And have I mentioned that since having a baby, well, half the time I can't even TALK properly let alone articulate for reading enjoyment? Bear with me, it may be a rocky start.

And I've been thinking for a long time about starting a new blog about the store...with some funny stories from our customers and experiences. Planning to keep it anonymous, I think, just in case I were, perhaps, to step on a few toes or manage to wedge my own toes very deeply into my mouth. Keep me in your search thoughts in the near future.


Tara said...

Yeeeehooooo.....I'm so excited! I can't wait! I'm waiting.....

Quirky Christa said...

Welcome back!