Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Search is on

Actually there are not many search options available when it comes to the housing market here in the sprawling metropolis of Birchy Head, NL.

Here are our current choices:
1. Live in the upstairs of the store. The previous owners did it about 30 years ago. The apartment would have to be completely gutted out and renovated to make it liveable again.
-The space is already there and it's ours.
-Would be the least expensive of our options right now.
-We would be working and living in the same building, never getting a break, and that, to me, means heading in the direction of insanity.

So I believe it's safe to say Jamie and I have decided that living in the store would be the LAST option we would take.

Let's look at the houses for sale:
1. Jack's house next door to the store.
-Next door to the store = convenient hop, skip, and a jump over the little brook away.
-Old house = lots of charming potential
-Nice lawn for Sarah to run around on.
-Price not bad.
-Seller keeps putting us off because his granddaughter is thinking of buying the house as a summer home.
-Next door to the store = people assuming that because you live next door they can call you at all hours to accomodate them and the fact that they forgot to buy milk during the 12 hours we are open during the day.
-Old house = LOTS of renovations and potential for things to start falling apart.
-Renovations means lots of additional cost on top of the mortgage.

House #2: House in the beach.
Haven't even looked at it because Jamie doesn't like it.
Pros: Cheap
Cons: It's old, it's run-down.

House #3: Old School house
I actually attended this school. Beautifully re-done if my memory serves me correct although it's been a long time since I was inside.
Pros: Beautiful!
Cons: Way too EXPENSIVE!

House #4: The teachers house
Went to look at this one on the weekend.
-Jamie LOVES it!
-Beautifully landscaped with a nice lawn, trees, patio, firepit out back, small basketball court, wooden swing set, and a shed with a loft/balcony for sitting out on warm summer nights.
-Newly renovated kitchen
-Partially finished basement
-More than we wanted to spend (tho' it seems to be the going rate of houses here now, unfortunately).
-Typical "newfie" house (some of you know what I mean): 3 bedroom bungalow, small bathroom, small closets, front door, big picture living-room window on the left side with the bedrooms down the hall on the right.

House #5: No house at all
Wait to find a piece of land although I feel we've exhausted all efforts to find anything. That is, with the exception of living halfway up the mountainside behind my parents house.

And there you have our options. We are currently leaning toward choice #4. Wish us luck.


Quirky Christa said...

I'm with you on #4 cause you could renovate it to make it "less newfie" and more to your own taste. Plus it has all those extras for Sarah & a great view.

Tara said...

OH GIRL....I SOOOOOO know what you mean when you have slim picken's! It's not fun - though I will count my lucky stars that we had more choices than you obviously do! I keep reminding myself that it's NOT the house you live in but the HOME you fill with love (this is my personal saying because I KEEP reminding this to myself)!!!

Good luck...you house hunting activities will be in my prayers!

PS - did I mention HOW happy I am that you're back on the blogging scene!!! LOL

Jennifer Samms said...

Well it would be a hard choice. I'd say pressure the guy next door once more and tell him that it's now or never, then if he says no again give up hope on that one, can't always put your house plans on hold for him. Then I think #4 would be a good idea, you have a good style sense, it's amazing what a nice coat of pant and some tasteful decorations can do for a home. Plus you can upgrade as you please. Cause when you think about it, if you spend a ton of money in the apartment above the store, it's always gonna be the apartment at above the store, no backyard or real privacy, and it's not like you can sell the apartment to buy a house later on. But it's a hard decision, it could kind of be cool to do a loft style apartment just the same..you'd get to do it exactly like you want. :) No help am I? lol....I can't remember my password or Username to get into my blog. :(

Daphne Hughes said...

I agree.... I think #4 is the best. The apartment above the store would leave you no privacy (my parents and grandfather would know your every move. LMAO), plus a yard for Sarah is very important. Here in Calgary, we have lived without and with a yard and believe me, without is not a good choice. Plus, the newfie style house is livable right now and when you have the money later on you can renovate to your liking but it's not necessary to live in it. I do agree with you that if you lived next door in Jack's old house that people would bug you when they need something, plus it would definitely require alot of reno's to make it livable.

I hope we are all helping. lol.

Angie said...

Myrna, I can totally understand where you're coming from. It was the same when we bought a house here in Rocky Harbour last February. Of course, like you, I feel that we paid more than we wanted to but really had no other options. Even though it's not my dream home, it will do....Best of luck with the house hunting.