Monday, March 30, 2009

Could it Be?

While fixing breakfast this morning, I look out my back door and see a little squirrel frantically scurrying across the yard, the way that squirrels do. And I was SO excited - my first squirrel! A sure sign of warmer weather. And then the little rodent ran across the 4 feet of snow still remaining on my back patio and I second-guessed myself. Sigh...

But THEN, I went to work and the birds that had made a nest in the eaves of the store last year are BACK! Yay! I just stood there for a few minutes watching in wonder as they chirped and chirped, clearly annoyed at my gawking.

Isn't it amazing how a couple of little critters can enter your day and bring with them the hope of a new season?

I think I can finally say it - Happy Spring!


Tara said...

I guess you didn't get THAT snow storm that we got yesterday!!! I think we probably got 25-30cm by the time it was all done - blech! Great for Jacques cuz this will give him another weekend or 2 of ski-dooing but BLECH for me considering Sunday was 15 degrees and sunny and warm and beautiful and spring like!!!

YES, I agree about the little critters - only my little critters come in the form of kids in mud & puddles leaving lots of wonderful 'art work' on the walls as they enter SOAKING wet!!! I guess it's better than the day we were at bible study and Noah was pretty quite outside, at the end I found him LITERALLY COVERED in mud. So I explained there is a time & a place (like he didn't already know that) - so this past week EVERY day he goes through 1-2 outfits per day, playing in the puddles & mud he finds while riding his bike.

Happy Spring BLISS, for sure (oh and LOTS of laundry too)!!!

Quirky Christa said...

Happy Spring :)

Nikki said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Tara's blog and just wanted to say hi to another sponsor! Do you sponsor through World Vision? I just got to go to Ethiopia and spent a day meeting my sponsor child, Tsehay. It really does change their lives. She had every package I had ever sent her (I send one every month). I also send $150 directly to their family every year (you can do this by calling world vision, and then you get a photo fo the family with whatever they choose to buy) and I got to see the cow they bought with it (as well as the dress and shoes for Tsehay). Child sponsorship is pretty amazing!! you should send your little guy something- they so look forward to it!

Lose That Girl said...

We have squirrels out and about even during winter but the chipmunks do hibernate so when they come out of the frost, it's a big deal. It's so great that Spring is here. The light is different. It just feels....different. Good!