Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy are Wii

Yes, we have joined the "in" crowd of the gaming world and purchased a Wii, finally! I've wanted one for a while because it just looked like SO much fun to be interactive with a game system rather than just sitting on the couch moving fingers only on a controller. (I still call them "joysticks" like back in Atari

Anyways, right now we just have the sports games that came with the Wii but already it is awesome! And boy, are we feeling it?! Jamie and I have been competing with each other so much in baseball and boxing, etc. and this morning, in particular, we are stiff and sore! can we say "out of shape"?

I'm particularly looking forward to getting the Wii Fit but it wasn't it stock anywhere in Corner Brook for us to get it. I'm hoping it might help get me moving and exercising a little bit.

So, it looks like Jamie (and "Mii" too) is enjoying his early birthday gift...Jamie's birthday is tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Babe!

and on a more serious note...Sarah has to go for the VCUG tomorrow. It was supposed to be a couple weeks ago but got rescheduled. I am not looking forward to it. I just hope it goes as smoothly for Sarah as last time. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for improved test results.

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