Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy 5th!

Today is the hubster and I's (that doesn't sound like proper English) 5th Wedding Anniversary! Happy Day to us!

We have no plans. Unfortunately, life is very busy. Hubster is off work today until 7pm. I'm working all day and off at 7. Go figure!

We started it all off with a beautiful beach wedding in PEI with a small group of wonderful family and friends. And I've been thinking about what we've done for 5 years since:

- We went camping and forgot our first anniversary until the day was half over.
- We vacationed together alone and realized we need to vacation in a group to maintain our sanity as our views on vacations are quite different!
- We vacationed with a group (Phew! That was better!)
- We bought our first house.
- We had our first baby.
- We bought a business.
- We moved our family back home to Newfoundland.
- We bought another house.
- We await baby #2.

And in between all of that:
- We have laughed and cried;
- We have snuggled on the couch or sat as far apart as possible;
- We have talked or kept silent;
- We have argued and then kissed and made up;
- We have shaken our heads at each other in both joy and annoyance;
- We have judged and understood;
- We have questioned and relied on the sanity of the other;
- We have shared happiness and sorrow;
- We have lost and gained;
- We have withheld and discovered;
- We have coldly folded our arms or warmly opened them to embrace;
- We have been frustrated and relieved;
- We have opened and closed doors;
- We have felt, depending on the day, that 5 years is short and long.

Through it all, I think Dave Matthews sums it up very well:
"The space between the tears we cry
Is the laughter keeps us coming back for more..."

Happy Anniversary Jamie! Here's hoping for many more years of all of the above, with enough of the good stuff to keep the scales tipped in our favour!

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