Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm copying Christa and her "Today..." posts...seems like such a nice way to give you all the lowdown...

Today...I got up super early and had a nice breakfast by myself.
Today...I realized how much bigger I've gotten in just the last week when a dress I've worn all along is now very snug!
Today...I was annoyed at the hubster for not attending church with Sarah and I.
Today...Sarah "read" her new book from start to finish (I guess she's heard it a few times).
Today...I felt, again, that labour might be starting, only for the "pains" to go away.
Today...I had a nice bbq supper with the in-laws.
Today...I got 4 scrapbook pages done after not doing a single page since May!
Today...I want a new SmartPhone but have no idea which one is best (without being too expensive).
Today...I'm tring to decide if I should work this week or call it quits.
Today...I showed Sarah her Newborn pictures, she didn't recognize me in the photos, and when I said, "That's Mommy!" she asked, "What's wrong with your face?!" Ah, the joys of labour!

And with that...a Good Today is now Good Night!


Tara said...

So cute your 'real-ness' in your post. When I read that you did 4 scrap book pages, I was utterly shocked! You go, pregnant GIRL!!!

And congratulations to Sarah, big reading girl. Reading a book all by herself!!! You go, reading GIRL!!!

As for Jamie, tell him to get his butt in gear and go to church!!! LOL

Must chat soon, b4 baby comes. I want to sent you something, but don't know what?

Christa said... cute!