Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tshirts and Purses

The hubster said I couldn't possibly want another purse for Christmas.
"You already have a million!" he said.
"Well," I said, "I don't have even close to the number of purses as you have in tshirts".
"What?!" he exclaimed, "I only have about 30 tshirts. You have about 50 purses!"
"Oh, no way! You definitely have that backwards!"

So, today I counted.
I have 21 purses. And yes, I could possibly want another.

The hubsters tshirt count: 70!!!
Yep, that number would be a 7 followed by a 0 - SEVENTY!!
No joke! The man is obsessed with tshirts but yet wears the same dozen or so over and over.

We'll have to wait and see if Santa ups the count. Whatever happens, I think goodwill is in need of being stocked up on tshirts AND purses.

What is your obsession?

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Tara said...

OH MY GOSH....I think you need to talk to Jacques. I told him I wanted a purse for Christmas and he told me that I had too many purses. You wanna know how many I have - TWO. That's a 2 with a big fat NOTHING after. I tried to use your 4 purses last year for Christmas as an example, but he didn't fall for it! Looks like I'll be going out to buy my own purse after Christmas!!! Hope you have a great glad to see you have a post! obsession is TEA, up to about 40 flavours in my cupboard!