Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where I Found Sarah One Day...

Sarah, overall, has been great with the new addition.

She wants to constantly hug and kiss her to the point where I sometimes think Charlotte will be smothered.

She wants to 'help' with feedings, even tho' I am breastfeeding. You can probably imagine the conversation I'm having with my 3 year old about "boobies" and where the milk comes from.

She wants to share. Of course, Mommy nearly had a heart attack when that sharing meant trying to feed Charlotte a candy one day! Eek! Another reason on my "Why to never trust a 3-yr-old for even 2 seconds" list.

She wants to bath the baby which usually consists of squirting Charlotte in the face with water from all manor of bath toys and making her cry.

She wants to soothe her. This means sticking her little finger in Charlotte's mouth and saying "Shhhh, shhhh, shhhh...it's ok, Mommy's here..."

But sometimes, Sarah still just wants to be the baby...

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