Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When You Need to Dance, You Need to Dance.

While helping Sarah get dressed for bed tonight, she and I were talking about the rules and about being a big sister. I asked, "Are you going to teach Charlotte how to be a good listener?"

Sarah then proceeded to tell Charlotte the following "rules":

"You can't always play. Sometimes you have to eat breakfast.
"When you go outside and forget your sun cream, you have to come back in to get your sun cream.
"When you go to the store, you have to wear clothes.
"If you want corn for supper, Mommy will get your corn.
"When it's bedtime you need to put your clothes in the basket and Mommy will hang it on the line.
(I think she may be missing a step or two there)
"If you have a scrape, that's okay, Mommy will put a bandaid on you.
"When the battery gets dead, Mommy will get new batteries.
"You need to go off the carpet when you have juice.

and my favourite "rule":
"When you need to dance, you need to dance."

Not a bad list, I'd say.


Bobbi-Ann said...

Love it!!

Sarah is so smart and adorable!!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! she's so sweet