Friday, July 01, 2011

Trash the Dress

If you follow Christa Hann photography then you know:

Bobbi-Ann did it.
Stephanie did it.
Jody did it.

Christa even did it herself.
Except it was difficult for Christa to photograph herself so she enlisted Angie White Photography.

I loved the idea of getting one more chance to wear my wedding dress, even if it meant "trashing" it.
So when I suggested I take my dress along to the Dominican on our vacation, Christa said, something along the lines of, "Yay! Yes!"
I love how enthusiastic she is about taking pictures of me instead of being bored at looking at the same face over and over again but it's her fault I keep coming back, of course.

And then I'm thinking, "Oh Dear Lord, what have I done? I can't fit into that dress now!"
But, with some help and much sucking in, ribs cracking, boobs being stuffed back in, phew, it zipped up!

I'm very pleased with the results of my shoot and can't possibly choose my favs. But here's a few anyways.
Please excuse me as I shamelessly take every opportunity to show myself looking "put together" - I spend most of my days dressed in yoga pants, no makeup, hair in ponytail.

And then getting out of that dress with sand stuck in the zipper!!
Well, let's just say that was an adventure that started with three Germans on the beach and ended with Christa and I in the shower. I'll leave you with that. ;)
Thanks for looking.

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Christa said...

LOL.....the zipper was hilarious! Great memories and of course you were easy to photograph as always :) Love you!!