Friday, July 22, 2011

Fall to Pieces

Over there -----> if you scroll down, you'll see a "Bring the Rain" button, a link to Angie Smith's blog. I love Angie's blog.

While Charlotte was having her nap, I was catching up and reading this post about Sweet Baby James.

I went on over to the "Jamesie beats the tumor" blog. And then I fell to pieces. Heart-wrenching, tears falling down my face, falling completely apart into a puddle of nose-running sobs.

As I was watching the video taken just a few days ago on little James' final photo/video shoot, I heard Charlotte crying out. Awake from her nap. I scurried down the hall, tears still flowing down my cheeks, reached down and scooped her up out of her crib, and hugged her so tightly. She didn't wiggle free, just let me fiercely hold on for a few blissful baby-mommy moments. And I cried some more. And I thanked God.

One thing that struck me, as I was reading about James, was his mom stating, as she was posting pictures, that she has only a finite number of photos to post - one day she will run out of photos. That simply broke my heart. Even though I don't know this family, I cried again for the loss - this Mommy will not see her baby crawl across the floor, pull everything out of the cupboards, and scream his little head off with delight.

And I talked to God about how I was so undeserving of such treasures as are found in children, but how thankful I am just the same. So, please join with me in keeping this family in your prayers as life has now dealt them a blow I cannot even fathom being able to survive through.

Miss Charlotte and her "Pinker" bear (she has discovered an obvious solution to carry bear around while using both hands to crawl - she puts it in her mouth!)


Tara said...

OH WOW Myrna...I don't even follow the blog or spend any time these days reading blogs...but I am now in tears just with your description of this blog. Thanks for sharing, and after this overly emotional week I don't think I have the strength to read this post! Give those girls a big kiss for me!

Christa said...

No words :(

Renee said...

I just went and read the entire blog. I have never cried so much in my life!! What a horrible thing for a parent to have to deal with. I cant even imagine their pain.

Myrna Hynes said...

Tara, I know this really hits home for you in more ways than it does for me certainly! I wish it wasn't so.
Renee, I have absolutely bawled my eyes out for hours going back and forth reading the blog, looking at James' pics, etc. So incredibly heartbreaking!