Saturday, August 06, 2011

Regatta Bike Parade Part 2

I would be remiss if I did not continue my last post by showing you some of the other fantastic bikes from the Regatta Parade. This is really an exciting event for the kids and gets the parents and kids working together on some fabulous ideas for strollers, wagons, and bicycles.

This "Purity" wagon was my absolute favourite.
Purity is a Newfoundland company that makes yummy candy, syrups, jams, cookies, and these "Milk Lunch" crackers. Ashlynn and Alara's Nanny made the box of cookes for their wagon in an almost exact duplication complete with ingredients, nutritional information, barcode label, etc. And she had even sewn a bunch of the pillows to look just like the crackers themselves. Genius idea!
Sarah's little friend Phillip had a boxing ring! And yes, although it is very well hidden, there is a bicycle under there. Phillip won a prize...great job!

Michael was the cutest Big Red Dog ever as Clifford.

Jeffrey had to take his silver space helmet off after that long peddle - he was sweating under there! His "Bonne Bay Blaster" also won a prize!

Although I don't have pictures of the rest, there were many more great bikes:
-one little boy was a duck hunter in his stroller, all dressed in camo with a duck hiding among the reeds.
-6 year old Emily made her very own fire engine out of a cardboard box and you could see she put a lot of her very own artwork on it. She won a prize too!
-One family got together and dressed as punk rockers with crazy neon hair wigs and instruments in tow.

And there were many more with balloons and streamers and face painting and bright beautiful colours!

Personally, I think we Bonne Bay crowd have got this Kids bike parade thing conquered. I googled "Kids Bike Parade" ideas and didn't come up with anything as good as what we have. You can have your huge adult parade floats and your flying blimps...We've got the best kids bikes ever!

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