Friday, September 23, 2011

First Steps

A Mom wants to be the one waiting, with arms outstretched, as baby takes those first staggering steps.

I missed Sarah's first steps. Jamie was heading back to Ontario for work the first year we moved home, and I tagged along for the ride. Mom called to say that Sarah had started walking. She was nearly 13 months old. And I couldn't wait to get back home to see her.

As I headed back to work, I knew Charlotte would soon be walking. She was already standing alone and walking along any piece of furniture she could get her hands on. One evening when Daddy was home for supper and playing with her on the floor, she kept standing up over and over again, and taking just one little step before falling down again. So cute!! (so technically, I didn't miss her very first step...yay!)

One day last week, Marg took this video of Charlotte, arms like ballasts, taking 3 or 4 wobbly steps across the living room.
And then she gets occupied throwing her sweater ...evidently, she gets easily distracted, like her Mamma :)

I'm so glad to have the video to keep and share...Enjoy!

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