Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All her bags are packed...she's GONE!

It's a sad morning for me, Jennifers flight should have just taken off to head home to Newfoundland.

Yes, I'm really really super happy that she's gone home. She's starting a new life. A good life. She's headed to where her heart has been all along.

So just let me explain what I'm sad about:
It's about not seeing a friend you've seen almost every day for the past several years and never getting tired of them because they just bring a certain type of joy and laughter whenever they walk into a room; it's about not having my "girls" (Christa AND Jen) at work anymore with me and now it's depressing to even think of coming here ever morning; it's about missing my scrapbooking buddy, my movie buddy, my "girl-talk" (aka bitchin') buddy; it's about not having one of your best friends to share in one of the most memorable times in your life (the birth of my baby-to-be); it's about the type of real companionship that many people never get to experience in their lifetimes (I am so blessed to have several great girlfriends I feel this way about); it's about all those memories; it's simply about missing her!

Last night was rough having to say "goodbye". I tried to prepare my mind all day that it was just a "see ya later", that I could pretend it was sorta like she was taking an extended vacation and I would see her again really soon. We went to Jen's house, ate supper, sat around chatting, etc. and then it was time to leave. Jen walked Jamie and I to the door and we hugged, I totally kept it together and then she says, "Ok good, we have to fight the tears" and with that statement I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I just started to cry SO much. Jamie say his goodbye and left at this point, we hugged again, and I was out the door. I cried most of the way home. Thought I was fine until Jamie said something about me being upset and then I started to cry again. Ugh! You wouldn't know but I was never going to talk to her or see her again. And I'm usually not this emotional at all (I'm sure prego hormones aren't helping) so I'm not even sure what to do with myself.

So anyways, I just hope all goes okay with the flight home for Jenny and that she settles into her new job with ease, that she enjoys this new time close to her family in Newfoundland. Hopefully it won't be long before Chris gets to join her after they sell the house and get everything "up here" straightened away. I really do wish her all the very best and even though I miss her, I'm glad she's made this decision.

And besides, starting this afternoon, she's really only a phone-call away...right?


Quirky Christa said...

Now you'll have a new found friend in your telephone...lol.

Anonymous said...

I wish her all the best in Newfoundland and you`ll have yet another reason to visit home!!