Monday, November 27, 2006

Some General Info

I don't really have any SPECIFIC to write about today so just thought I'd fill you in with some general details from the week/weekend:

It was SUCH a nice weekend here so we decided it was a good time before the snow arrives to put up our Christmas lights. Of course, Jamie needed help because he's afraid of heights and refuses to get up on the roof so he went and picked up Chris to help us out. It was so funny...Jamie was freaking out at Chris half the time when he was climbing back and forth on the ladder. He'd be like "Ok Chris man, you're making me nervous. Hang on! I gotta get the ladder steady...." etc. And then Jamie actually climbed about 2 steps on the ladder and wanted me to take a picture of his great feat of bravery...he he :) See, I could have gotten up there myself but I was forbidden due to my off-balance pregnant state. Oh well, the hardest part is done now. Just gotta get the garland and lights around our railing and garage door and we'll be done. Yay! All together now: "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....everywhere you go!". We'll post pics of the finished product, hopefully soon.

Had Olivia on Sunday. She was a really good baby for me. She was born in March and so will be a year old when our new baby will be born. I reminded Jamie that this time next year we'll have our own little one PERMANENTLY! Kinda scary when I think of it but exciting too. Christmas will be even better then and it's already great!

Forgot to fill you in on details on my latest ultrasound results. I went to my midwife appointment last Wednesday and she told me the report stills shows "inconclusive". They speculate that there are 3-vessels now but they still couldn't achieve a good visual image. Here's the thing, as the midwife explained, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it either way besides just hope that all is well with the baby. Most of the time a problem with the cord is never detected with ultrasound and they only discover it at the birth. And then, for the most part, there are no problems with the baby otherwise. Everything else with the baby looks great - strong heart, all its fingers and toes, anatomically looks they have no reason to test further unless I insisted upon another ultrasound later in the pregnancy. I think, though, that I'll just let it rest and not worry unless another issue arises.

Wednesday I'm chopping my hair! Yes, I am! It's really long now (about half way down my back at least). Longer than it's been for a while but it's so super heavy and out of control. Reminds me of when I was a kid and granny used to tell me she could turn me upside-down and use me as a mop. So cruel! Anyways, it's gotta be done....something, not sure yet but I'll keep ya posted. I'm hoping the weight off my skull will help relieve the bloody headaches I've been getting over and over again every day. Can't hurt, that's for sure.

And I think that's all for now. Gonna go pick up my sister for lunch and go shopping at Costco. "Christmas, Christmas....Hip Hooray! Santa Claus is on his way, Santa Claus is on his way..." (I know, I know...stop with the singing already...that one's on the Smurf album...he he)

Bye for now

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I`m thinking about getting my haircut too. My hair is really thick and heavy as well.