Friday, October 24, 2008

Bragging Rights

Yes, I do believe I have bragging the husband department, that is. At least for now.

I was just away in Ontario for a week with my mom. My husband was very supportive and agreed that it would make it easier for me to get things done if Sarah stayed home. And so, even tho' he was nervous, he became a "single" dad for a whole 7 days!

And as I knew he would be, he did an amazing job. Sarah is still in one healthy and happy piece and I believe she seems to appreciate her daddy even more now....he can do things almost as good as mommy can.

We have to admit that guys are not naturally as nurturing as women, in most cases. My husband has moments when he doesn't seem to clue in to things that seem common sense to me. So here are the few things we did to make my days away successful:

- I wrote lists for daddy. Lists of what to pack for lunch, what to pack for a day away, what to pack for overnight in case he wanted to go visit Nanny and Poppy Hynes in Norris Point.
- I explained our nighttime routine (Jamie usually closes up the store for me to stay home with Sarah for bedtime). I wanted him to be successful - If Sarah got a good nights sleep then so would he.
- I tried to encourage Jamie through his nervousness. When he was anxious about me leaving, I told him I knew he would do a great job.
- I called...every morning and every night to check in. And I left my phone on at all times in case daddy needed me for anything. He didn't call EVEN ONCE in a panic. I was so proud of him for not needing me constantly.

Going away for a week was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I missed Sarah a TON but I knew she was in good hands. Often we, as moms, are so paranoid and feel that things need to be absolutely OUR WAY ONLY that we don't even give our husbands a chance to become their full dad potential. Again, they may not do things the way we do, maybe not even close, but they do love our children in their own way and they do have their best interests in mind. My husband may not excitedly change his voice for each character in a story book but he does read to Sarah. He may not arrange her snacks to look like a happy face on her plate but he does make sure she has a good lunch. He may not kiss her a million times at bedtime and tuck her in so tight she can't move but he does give her lots of love and ensures that she is safe and protected.

Note to self: Try not to be a big nag when he doesn't do things perfectly. I'm so guilty!

So this is a big thanks to my husband. Not every husband would have done this, I know that! But if your husband is cautiously willing to participate in you taking a few hours or a few days to yourself, let him show you how wonderful a job he can do. It'll make you both feel so much better about yourselves as individuals, as a couple, and as parents.


Quirky Christa said...

Good for Jamie!

Stephanie said...

Great job Jamie-I think a lot of times Dads even surprise themselves.

PS I was going to let you guys know I was blogging again but was making sure I stuck with it lol